July 2014 - Rotomech Manufacture and Install New Carousel Machine

Rotomech Engineering have designed, manufactured and installed the new RMC250 3 arm carousel rotational moulding machine for one of its UK based customers.

. Aerodynamic oven - zero cool spots increases productivity and efficiency.
. 3 - 4 Drop or straight arm carousel.
. Down firing burner with closed loop recirculating air system.
. Internal air injection - high and low pressure.
. Open air cooler with fan misting system.
. Easy to use control system.
. Temperature monitoring with real time automated process control.
. Fast cycle times for increased product output.
. Machine independently CE assessed for machinery safety compliance.
. Fully compliant with current PUWER and HSE regulations.
. Robust precision built machine manufactured in the UK.
. Full machine training, service, support and backup.

April 2011 - Rotomech and Amberol to Reduce Cycle Times

Rotational moulders are constantly striving to reduce manufacturing costs while maintaining high quality standards.

One way to increase productivity is to look at reducing mould cycle times.

Working in conjunction with Amberol Ltd. based in Alfreton, Derbyshire, we have used their C210 double shuttle machine as a basis for a case study into reducing the footprint and increasing the cooling efficiency in a bid to reduce cycle times.

Removing the enclosed cooling bay and making the loading/unloading station the cooler, along with fitting a high pressure misting system, Amberol have seen their cycle times reduced by 7-10 minutes on average, resulting in a 30% reduction in mould cooling times. In addition to this, a floor space saving of 1.2m was achieved.

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