A brief history of Rotomech Engineering Ltd

The company was formed in July 2004 with the merger of Rod Davis Engineering Services and Jarvis Engineering. While operating as sole traders we combined our extensive knowledge and worked together in the Rotomoulding industry.

Rod Davis

Rod has been associated with rotomoulding all his working life, starting as an apprentice at John Ormes in 1961. He quickly worked his way up to become the factory foreman and apprentice training officer.

Rod was asked to diversify and become the production manager for the Ormes Moulding division, dealing with daily manufacturing problems. With the production knowledge he gained, he returned to the engineering division and became the installation/technical engineer installing new machines, training customers on machine controls, moulding techniques and troubleshooting.

After 25 years he became a partner with a machine manufacturer, building new machines for the rotomoulding industry. He then ventured into business as a sole trader before forming Rotomech Engineering.

Neil Jarvis

Neil started as an apprentice in 1977 with Rod Davis as his training officer. After finishing his apprenticeship he left Ormes to gain experience in different fields of engineering, from drawing offices to maintenance engineer in various production environments. He was then asked to go back to Ormes and become a machine install engineer, building the machines for customers in their factories around the world. When Ormes closed in 1990 he went to work for an American machine manufacturer. Neil then set up Jarvis Engineering working closely with Rod Davis before forming Rotomech Engineering.

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